“Arriving in Macau for the first time can be really exciting for international exchange students, but there could also be cultural and social issues. Our MC2 Buddy Programme provides a helping hand, as we welcome new students, and help them settle down with student life. The programme involves paring a MCM College member with an international student to engage in a variety of social activities, for example adapting to the local culture through food and language, shopping, visiting local hotspots and amenities and travelling outside to Hong Kong or Mainland China, or simply having a cup of coffee with your group members”

MC2 Buddy Program was launched in 2014, and has provided the catalyst for enriching the exchange students’ learning experience, here at the University of Macau. The program engages MCMC student mentors in several of the required competencies of the residential college: one of which is to help and provide support for the exchange students to develop relationships with their academic advisors as well as other UM students and upper-classmen across different disciplines.

The objective of the program is to help our Exchange students adapt and settle into their new surroundings and also for them to experience a different lifestyle here at the University of Macau. 

The college pairs its current students with their new ‘buddies’ as the college aims to provide a friendly face, a helping hand, and most important of all, a new friendship that can make an unbelievable difference, especially for those who are here for the first time away from home.