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Iris Lam Ka I Bill King, Wang Zhibo Jennifer, Lu Jun Han Joker, Chao Hou In Helen, Geng Yi

Every house committee nominates two representatives to attend the Federation meeting. The Federation is the highest student organization which plans, oversees, and implements college-wide activities as well as monitors the operation of individual houses. The Federation also on behalf of all MCM student members speaks in the Inter-College Council. Both House Committee and the Federation should ensure students’ voices are carefully heard and responded.

At the beginning of each academic year, every House Committee should prepare an annual plan for their house activities and submit it to the Federation. The Federation will review the plans and decide to support or revise the original plan. The Federation should also consider and discuss some college-wide activities in a year, such as parties, Games Day or Talent Show, and assign house committees to assist in preparation of these activities.

In addition, the Federation supervises the college’s sport teams, library management committee, and other interest groups suggested by individual college member.