Dear students,

In UM’s 4-in-1 Education Model, the 7 faculties are responsible for discipline-specific and general education whereas the 10 residential colleges are for community and peer education. MCM College students live and dine with resident tutors, resident fellows, college masters, as well as with their fellow students from the various faculties and grade levels of study. The college life are meant to train you up to integrate academic knowledge, think critically, and become innovative and entrepreneurial. Seven competencies are fostered through the various activities run throughout the academic year, namely: Responsible citizenship (公民責任心), Global competitiveness (全球競爭力), Knowledge integration (知識整合能力), Teamwork and collaboration (團隊協作), Service and leadership (服務與領導), Cultural engagement (文化參與), and Healthy lifestyle (健康生活).

Though UM’s 10 residential colleges follow the same education model in their practicing of community and peer education, each has its own character and tradition. You are cordially invited to visit the MCMC website to get a feel of the 6 imperatives in the building up of college culture at MCMC, namely: Quality (品質) and Distinctiveness (獨特), Élan (活躍) and Flair (風度), and Identity (個性) and Brand (品牌). Through implementation of these 6 imperatives you are educated all-rounded in your area of specialization, and grow and glow in the career you seek to pursue.

Welcome to MCMC. I wish you every success in the years ahead!

College Master

Prof Kwok-cheung CHEUNG (張國祥教授)

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