The ideal of a college is one which is contemporary, open, multidisciplinary and international, one free of unnecessary hierarchy or fusty rituals. These are testimony to a college’s enduring legacy.
Connectivity which is multidisciplinary and international; friendships across borders and cultures.
All these work towards the ultimate goal, which is to facilitate student success and help them live their lives to the full

Values We Live

World-class universities’ and colleges’ reputations are brand synonymous with how they behave, and with what they stand for. They don’t advertise their brand values: they live them; moreover so do their students.

“If the great educators from Plato, Froebel to Freire, were to live forever, one may have termed Colleges, the great educators of university education: always present, seldom doing anything ostentatious, but over time, influencing generations of learners, in the case of Colleges, turning out superb graduates – rounded renaissance men and women with adaptable, transferable and transformative skills – in essence, world citizens capable of superb accomplishment”. Kit Thompson


Enabling a quality experience for all


Demonstrated through open and honest relationships


Celebrated through an arts and science enriched social and ethnic community and promoted by recognising the potential of education across borders

Yellow/Gold: A Blend of Chines & Portuguese Cultures

An arc of five-pointed gold stars, one large in the centre, is an essential of the Regional flag of Macau SAR. The origins of the seven golden castles within the shield of Portugal are thought to be Castile, from the coat of arms of Afonso III, his mother and second wife were Castilian.

In China, where yellow is associated with happiness, grandeur and wisdom, each point of the compass has a symbolic colour. Yellow signifies the Middle Kingdom. The Emperor’s palace lay, it was considered, at centre of the world.