Resident Assistants are senior undergraduate students who serve the college by taking care of freshmen in residence, and contributing to the daily operations of the five College Houses.

Houses are college sub-units to facilitate their members in participating and/or hosting college life educational programmes. All MCM members are assigned to a house at random. Every house is under the leadership of House Committee, in which a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary, and three other executives, are directly elected by the house members. House Committee is responsible for planning and preparing house activities in line with MCM’s mission and visions, and, in turn, reflecting student voices to the College Management. House Committee is also expected to develop their members a sense of belongingness to their respective house and MCMC as a whole. MCM currently has five houses and each house consists of 80-100 members.

Shirley Ni Gigi DUAN Marvin SU Lyn WEI Tissier Gao
Kiki Wang Olivia GAN Linda HUANG Jasmine FONG Gavina Sun
Bryan Liu
Sammy Cheong