College Master is also extremely enthusiastic in his active contribution to the cultural vibrancy of Macau. Prof. Thompson has worked with the French diaspora to introduce and programme concerts and performance, part of the annual Le French May Arts Festival to Macau in 2013, after its many years of success in Hong Kong.

He also brought British arts, Cambridge Collegiate Choirs, UK business leaders and entrepreneurs to Macau. He has conducted the Macao Orchestra Brass in a celebration at Macau Tower for the last two years to mark the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty’s 90th and 91st birthdays and was president of Macau European Chamber of Commerce, which aims to facilitate Sino-Western collaboration and continue Macau’s cross-cultural heritage.

“Macau liminality enables space to cross cultures, cross cultural boundaries and art-form borders, nationality and creed. That acceptance or willingness to come along, is not always possible in other parts of the world,”Kit Thompson